The Improbable Theory of Ana and Zak by Brian Katcher

I’m a huge fan of realistic, romantic, young-adult books. I’ve read so many that they sometimes don’t surprise me anymore. I find it hard to find a book very different from everything I’ve read before. But this book is definitely unlike any other (it is true that it might have some similarities with Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist but it has a lot of things that are different as well).

The book deals with two main characters (Ana and Zak), each is the narrator of some chapters showing their personal point of view of things and allowing readers to gain a wider perspective of what is happening.

What is new in this book is that the plot has many different conflicts and each of them leads to the next one, besides all of the problems characters face are extremely bizarre and unusual. Because of this, the book is extremely funny and never becomes boring or predictable.

The fact that the book revolves around a comic convention is also something I had never seen before. I think it is something many teenagers and young people -also some grown ups- are interested in and can relate to but is not usually included in this kind of books. I loved that the author made references to different things that can be found in this conventions and includes details that make the book more realistic.

My Coming Out Story

You probably don’t know this about me and honestly, it would be a bit weird if you did since it’s the first time I’ll mention this in my blog. So I’ll just drop the bomb and do the explaining later. Only a couple days ago I came out of the closet to most of my friends and relatives (this is the moment when you’re in shock maybe surprised but also proud I was brave enough to do it).

Now, let’s get to the explaining part…

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The “White Picket Fence” Dream

You know the “White Picket Fence” dream? The ideal huge house in the suburbs with a big garden, a dog and swings. The home where everyone is supposed to want to live with their husband or wife and their kids. Working long hours at a probably soul-crushing yet high-paying job to provide for your family and travelling for a week once a year to some exotic country to see the tourist attractions.

You may notice be the description above that I’m not one of the people that desire this lifestyle. What happens if your dreams and expectations for the future are different? What happens if you have an “Apartment in the City” dream?

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Changing Your Image

Self-image has been a main issue in TV, movies, series and in the internet for a long time now. Experts list the benefits of changing the way one looks: others will think you look better and are more appropriate. I wouldn’t change to match what others think I should look like, but I do want to look different… why?

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Pending Minimalism

As I mentioned before (in my post My Progress So Far), I started a sort of de-cluttering journey a couple months ago. I was inspired by minimalists, people that choose to live with less stuff, to get rid of the excess in their lives. I felt completely inspired and touched by the stories I read of people leaving their material possessions behind and pursing freedom and happiness because, as most people, I want to be happy. But I found some difficulties in my journey…

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My Progress So Far

If you already read my about me page you may know that, like many people, I’m looking for my identity. I’m trying to find out who I want to be and what I want to do. I’ve been changing a lot recently. I was a very different person about a year and a half ago, until my life turned completely around when I turned 16. Why?

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