Changing Your Image

Self-image has been a main issue in TV, movies, series and in the internet for a long time now. Experts list the benefits of changing the way one looks: others will think you look better and are more appropriate. I wouldn’t change to match what others think I should look like, but I do want to look different… why?

Last year I started changing the way I think, the things I want to do and my personality. Since a couple months ago, I decided I want to change the way I look so it will match my new inner self. As I mentioned in Pending Minimalism, I had to postpone the process of getting rid of my stuff. But this had some advantages I mentioned in the article: one is I had clothes I didn’t like at the time but which gave me the opportunity of changing the way I look and the way I combine clothes.

I dress in a way that is more comfortably and more like my new “me” now. But there is still something I want to change: my haircut. A year and a half ago, my hair was hip long and I cut it neck long. Now it grew to my shoulders but it has no shape: it is messy and I always have it tight because it looks ugly when it’s loose.

I don’t want that.

Therefore I will go today to the hairdresser and will find some style. I mean, now that I determined more clearly what my style looks like, I want a hairstyle too. Generic short hair is not enough for me anymore.

Have you ever cut your hair, dear reader? Some people love the experience, but I’m sort of terrified too. What if I don’t like it? What if it doesn’t look like me? I know it’ll grow, but still I will have to wait months and months for that to happen…

Wish me luck, dear reader, and have an awesome day!

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