Pending Minimalism

As I mentioned before (in my post My Progress So Far), I started a sort of de-cluttering journey a couple months ago. I was inspired by minimalists, people that choose to live with less stuff, to get rid of the excess in their lives. I felt completely inspired and touched by the stories I read of people leaving their material possessions behind and pursing freedom and happiness because, as most people, I want to be happy. But I found some difficulties in my journey…

In less than I week, I will be abroad with my classmates, enjoying our “last school year” trip. Therefore I will need to take clothes and stuff I don’t normally use, but that I will need once I’m there. This trip forced me to keep a lot of my stuff, for example clothes I don’t wear anymore, but which I will need during our time abroad. In other words I had to postpone my process and hoped to continue it after the trip.

Even if it made me feel stress and anguish at the time because I was unable to do what I thought would make me happier, having to wait had also some advantages.

  1. Time to learn: I had time to read and research about minimalism, time to consider the best way of doing things and different methods of de-cluttering to find the one I felt is the best for me. In my personal case, I found that the “Packing Party” suggested by The Minimalists is extremely interesting because I will easily distinguish between what I use and what I don’t. It will help me keep my attachment to stuff out of the way.
  2. Time to grow: as I mentioned in My Progress So Far I have changed a lot during the last months. So this time help me reconsider my priorities and gain some perspectives I didn’t have during the quick de-cluttering process.
  3. Time for emotional process: as anyone can imagine, letting go of everything is a hard and tiring. I had good days in which I enjoyed leaving everything behind and more emotional days, in which I felt the memories that linked me with the material objects were too important to let go of them. Now I feel stronger and am more convinced about the benefits of doing it.

Anyway I feel extremely excited about leaving but also anxious about returning and finally concluding my process. I feel that this might be the next necessary step to figuring out what I want to study next year in college.

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